An audit offers investors reasonable assurance that financial statements reflect a company’s financial position and results of operations in accordance with an established framework of accounting standards. An auditor does not examine every transaction nor provide assurance that all employees are honest, and all company dealings have been above board. However, an audit should uncover major discrepancies that might affect the company’s financial picture.

Audits are by no means confined to publicly owned corporations. Smaller firms, including those held by individual families, are audited regularly, although the results are not generally issued to the public. Audits provide firms with statements of their assets and liabilities that are usually necessary in applying for bank loans or undertaking a major reorganization of the company. As decision making tools, audits are as important to management as they are to investors.

We have a standard of excellence that is reflected, not only in our professionals, but also in the professional services we render to our clients. We go beyond just performing audits. We get to know your business on a personal basis, studying its complexities, its possibilities, and its opportunities.

The Martinez, Rosario & Company, LLP Audit Approach focuses on the following broad phases of the audit:
• Perform General Planning and Identify Areas of Audit Significance
• Understand and Evaluate the Significant Sources of Information
• Perform Risk Assessments
• Develop and Evaluate Audit Approach
• Draw Overall Audit Conclusions

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