Fiscal Monitoring Activities
We have conducted fiscal monitoring activities to ensure that resources are efficiently and effectively used for authorized purposes only. Processes and procedures used to determine contractors’ performance have included the reviews and evaluations of one or more of the following:
• Budgeting
• Financial Reporting
• Fiscal Control
• Accounting/Disbursements
• Cost Allocation
• Financial Billing
• Allowable Costs
• Cash Controls
• Procurements
• Purchasing
• Contracting and Non-Financial Agreements
• Property/Inventory
• Insurance
• Policies and Procedures
• Self-Monitoring

Program Monitoring Activities
MRC has conducted program monitoring activities to ensure that programs achieve both intended and expected results. Processes and procedures used to determine contractors’ performance have included reviews and evaluations of one or more of the following:
• Program results or outcomes
• Performance measures
• Reporting accuracy
• Record keeping and file maintenance
• Monitoring functions
• Self-monitoring and quality assurance activities
• Service delivery
• Automated systems and reporting
• Human resources
• Policies and procedures

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We have performed over 20 Cost/Price analysis procedures engagements for Capital Metropolitan Transit Authority in support of their procurement procedures as well as to support their outsourcing decisions. In addition, we have performed numerous internal audits, agreed-upon procedures, and pre-award survey engagements for clients such as Alamo Workforce Solutions (AWS), Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, Austin Community College District, City of San Antonio, El Centro del Barrio, Texas Lottery Commission, Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance Facility, and Center for Healthcare Services of Bexar County.

MRC has performed over 3000 hours of Agreed- Upon Procedures for Tucker Alan, Inc. in support of their work for the Texas Department of Mental Health Mental Retardation. These procedures included working with cost reports, indirect cost and cost allocation plans, technical evaluations and writing, fund accounting systems and performing financial and compliance auditing.

Furthermore, MRC has provided fiscal and programmatic monitoring for SER Jobs for Progress, Inc. (SER) In-School Youth and Support Services (Workforce Investment Act) program. Additionally, SER’s Welfare-to-Work (WtW), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF/Choices), and the Food Stamp Employment & Training (FS E&T) programs were monitored for its programmatic and fiscal activities.

MRC performed fiscal monitoring services for AWS’s Child Care Management System program. This program has an annual budget of approximately $40 million. In addition, we performed fiscal monitoring for AWS’s Youth Opportunity Grant Program with annual budgets ranging from $2 million to $10 million.


Business Partnership
Damages analysis in regard to partnership breach of fiduciary duty disputes and related expert testimony during deposition. Case was settled out of court.

Business Corporation
Forensic accounting procedures to determine the amount of money embezzled by a former bookkeeper of the company. As a result of our findings, client filed a complaint with the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy and referred the matter to the FBI.

Governmental Agency
Reviewed and analyzed an internal audit report and related supporting work papers to assist an internal audit expert in preparing and presenting case testimony in a deposition. The internal audit report was the basis of the litigation. Our job was to prove the report was substandard and not factual. This was proven and the case was litigated. Jury awarded in our favor.

Governmental Agency
Provided forensic accounting services to determine the accounting of funds as well as to determine the amount of monies embezzled. The case was a real estate partnership dispute between the partners and involved a breach of fiduciary duty claim. We were hired by the plaintiff. Case was settled out of court. Our work resulted in the referral of CPA and a real estate broker to the respective Texas state licensing entities for disciplinary action.

Corporate Bankruptcy of a Federal Contractor
Milo served as dispersing agent for the case.

Corporate Bankruptcy of a Major San Antonio Grocery Retailer
Milo served as the project manager while employed at Ernst & Young, LLP (E&Y) (formerly Ernst & Whinney) in regards to E&Y’s role as accountants to the creditors committee. E&Y provided all accounting and reporting to the bankruptcy court in regards to the administration of the creditors committee and its fiduciary duties. Services ranging from payment and accounting for creditors’ claims to the application of forensic accounting procedures to verify claims.

Corporate Bankruptcy of a San Antonio Clothing Retailer
While at E&Y, Milo served as project manager for E&Y in their role as the accountants for the disbursing agent of the bankruptcy.

Corporate Entity – San Antonio Savings & Loan (S&L)
The case involved litigation between a former CEO & President of the S&L and the shareholders of the S&L holding company. The dispute alleged wrongful termination and damage to professional reputation. We worked for the shareholders-defendants. Our role was to be experts in regard to accounting matters and damage claims. We analyzed the damages alleged by the former CEO and President. We also performed forensic accounting procedures to develop certain historical financial analysis. The case was settled out of court.

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