Martinez, Rosario & Company, LLP performs a full range of tax services. The Tax Practice, in a broad sense, includes the following professional activities:

Tax Compliance Services - Our firm provides services necessary to determine the client’s tax liabilities and to assist in the compilation and filing of returns with the proper authorities.

Tax Consulting Services - Advice to clients on the potential tax consequences of proposed and completed transactions, including the selection of the most appropriate method of structuring and reporting transactions. Personal planning, estate planning, valuation engagements, tax shelter consulting, and representations before taxing authorities are examples of tax consultation services.


MRC prepares returns for all types of taxes as well as necessary information returns for tax-exempt entities. This portion of the tax practice primarily involves preparation of income tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts. Our firm also prepares U.S. estate tax, state inheritance/estate tax, and gift tax returns for individual clients. Other return filings include reporting for tax exempt entities, claims for refunds of tax, estimated tax, and other state and local tax returns.


One of the most important aspects of our tax practice is tax consultation. Advice is available to ensure that clients obtain all possible advantages under the income, estate and gift tax laws. Through proper planning, a transaction might be arranged so that income that would otherwise be taxable would be tax-free or taxation could be deferred to a future year. Acting as the client’s tax consultants, opportunities to employ favorable tax-planning techniques are identified to provide for tax savings or deferral.

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